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Venting & Superstition’s

Venting & Superstitions 

Some of those I have in my life like to give me a hard time and others make fun of me, but I don’t care what they may think, I believe in superstitions. 

Every year on Friday the 13th, I make a point to be more aware of everyone and everything around me. I plan my day in a particular way, taking time to calculate everything I have to do. I guess I'm keeping the theory to “be safe rather than sorry.”

Then there’s the superstition, if you spill the salt you throw some over your shoulder to avoid bad luck. I have never known whether it was to be thrown over the left shoulder or the right so I have to throw over both. lol ya know better safe than  sorry! 

When something happens at least two times whether it’s the same time, day, place, etc that shouldn’t have happened or wasn’t planned, it automatically goes into my book of superstitions. Things aren’t just coincidence, at least every time.  With this theory of mine, and after 2 years in a row something happened, same day and was the same particular situation I will never be found on the 4th of July riding in nor driving a particular 2014 Cadillac ATS. 

I remember being a kid and hearing the ears burning when someone is talking about you, if your nose itches, someone is thinking about you, and if your hand itches your getting money. To this day I always find truth in my hands itching and still believe I know when someone’s talking about me too. 

Now I’ve never had any issues or even thought anything happening the 1st of April being due to April Fools Day. After thinking about it, I am very surprised I haven't been a target for jokes or pranks from friends throughout my life! lol I've, however, watched my friends get fooled many times though. lol.

So here I sit, after close to 40 years of living through April 1st’s, that was nothing more than just April 1st, I now call bologna! This year, the first day of the month this sure seemed to be playing some damn April Fools Day pranks on me! 

But then again, maybe it was life bringing certain things to my attention that I was overlooking or giving the benefit of doubt too that is far from the fact. I guess my pockets unfortunately had to take the blunt force trauma for me to see the bigger picture. 

With that, I now have some investigative work to do, you could say, on so-called friendships, motives, and so on and so forth. For anyone reading this, I just keep watch for a future blog explaining this and whatever lesson that is meant to be. 

One thing is definitely for certain though, from here on out I will now be treating April 1st like Friday the 13th! Because you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

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