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Valentine’s Day

Updated: Apr 7, 2021


❤️ I hope everyone has a lovely and fantastic day with plenty of kisses! 💋

This holiday may just seem like another day to many of you. However for me this has been my favorite holiday my whole entire life. I tend to say that it’s because of my name having “Love” in it, leaving no choice but to be my favorite. I also love hearts so there again, it’s a must.

Maybe it’s also part of the fact I am a hopeless romantic and have an extensive need to show love to everyone. Regardless whatever the reason may have been, I’m just darn glad because I LOVE IT!!

Just scrolling through Valentine’s Day images I found some interesting information. This may be considered useless information, but either way I thought I’d share it with you! Your welcome.

Per Statista, men and women in the UK answered to what they thought the point of Valentine’s Day was. 51% of women answered highest to the point is to show how much you care. Only 29% of men agreed. Interestingly enough, 25% of men felt that Sex is the point, and 8% of women actually agreed. But let me ask you, what do you think the point of Valentine’s Day is? I think it’s to celebrate the love you share with someone. I’d ask the man I so dearly love, but he’s currently snoring his way into Valentine’s Day right now.

In 2019, YouGov did a poll to see who celebrates this holiday. The highest percentage was for those in a relationship at 63% were celebrating and 37% were not. Surprisingly the highest percentage of people who were not celebrating were the 78% that were working part-time leaving only 22% celebrating during part-time work. This year I have been happy to report I am celebrating with those who are in a relationship just as I am. What category do you fall under?

Per Statista, 2020 had been the year projecting the highest money planned to be spent per person. It was projected that a single person planned to spend $196 on their loved one for Valentine’s Day. I am curious to see what this years may have been. I am not ashamed to admit I definitely by passed that projected amount! And I’ll just leave it at that.

Looking back at Statista’s 2017 stats, its not a surprise the most popular gift purchased in the US was candy/sweets at 44%. Could you imagine spending the projected amount, $196.00 on candy for just one person!? How about a pet for a gift? That came in as the lowest vote for popular gift purchased at 1%. I am actually surprised that jewelry only came in at 10%. Looking at your past valentine gifts purchased, what kind of gifts did you purchase? What have you received more of yourself?

Last question, what would you say has been your favorite gift received?

I will gladly say I know I went a little overboard on my love this year. But hell, it is our first Valentine’s Day and by gosh I’m allowed! Right? Lol, oh well I’ll do it again next year, and every year after which I will also love every minute of it!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy everyone!

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