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The Start of Blog Life

Well here I am, giving my first ever shot at writing my own blog. I'm not sure how far this may go or who all may end up reading any of it if anyone at all! Here's a brief intro of what my intentions are, what my blog may entail to give you an idea of what to expect from me.

I figured since I love to write and I definitely have plenty to say, and of course, I obviously have enough situations to talk about, so why not put it out there for everybody to read. I'm not really here for the audience because my main reason for doing truthfully is for myself - as my virtual diary you could say. However to have an outsider looking in to maybe give advice or just be that listening ear is a great bonus.

We all know I am my own worst critic so it does come as a surprise that I am willing to put anything I write, any of my life and or what I’m going through, out there for anybody in the world to see. That’s just what I need - more negativity and criticism to boost my already questionable self-esteem. The older I get the better I have come to acknowledge the fact that not everybody’s opinions have to matter. If nobody likes my blog then so be it. At the end of the day, the reason for this is for own self.

This blog is so I can stop bottling up everything that I feel and think with all the stress and struggles, heartbreaks, and everything else that goes on in my life. This is for when I’m angry so that instead of lashing out as some crazy woman, I can put all that energy into expressing how I feel and what I think onto paper. Which is a better choice in venting rather than to vent onto somebody’s face! LOL I am just kidding everyone, I am not a violent person people!

My blog is also a way for me to go back one day or hopefully my children, spouse, or family - hell just anybody, to go back looking at how much I have grown and how much I have achieved. I guess you can look at it as a timeline of my growth.

I hope that there isn’t anyone to hate anything I write, I do look forward to hearing what anyone may have to say. My hope in this also is that maybe this madness that I live in or even this peace that I've found can hopefully have some type of benefit to someone out there. That there is some piece from something that I say and do that could possibly help somebody else who may be struggling themselves.

My hopes also are to receive advice as well as encouraging support from anyone that takes time to read my blogs. Again as I mentioned, I am my own worst critic. So one can never have enough support from those around her, especially in today's society.

Now I've rambled enough, so now let me just finish by saying,

Welcome to "Loveys Lessons; where you learn it, live it, and love it."

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