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The Results are In

Isn’t it funny how when you're waiting for test results, time seems to drag on, FOREVER! That is, in the beginning, it did for me. From the moment we got that dreaded paperwork and, until he went for the testing, all I could think about was whether or not he was the father and if he was, what were we going to do.

My brain couldn’t seem to go a day without reminding me of the situation at least once. It was like everything on tv, or even being out, someone or something just had to make me think about the upcoming test.

Finally, the day came and I swear I felt like I was on pins and needles, watching the clock like a hawk. A half-hour felt like it had been 3 hours. SMH. Even today I’m not sure why I was so ready for him to get there because obviously, that wasn’t the end of things. Just because he was taking the test, that didn’t mean we would get the results. Hell, they should make a DNA test like a pregnancy test! That would be great If you could just pee on a stick and get the results! Ha, yall don’t steal my idea now!

Anyways, so yeah, even though I knew we weren’t going to get the results that day, I still couldn’t wait for my darling to go get it over with. Now looking back, I feel like I should have been more anxious and impatient while waiting for the results than I was waiting for the testing date. But for some reason, I was calmer and actually would forget about how long it had been. Normally I would have been stalking the mailman but not this time. I just waited to see if there was any news while at our weekly Waffle Sundays.

In all fairness I will also say, I think part of the reason I may have been a little more “forgetful” of the situation, is because of my darling. When we first got the news, hes always said it wasn’t his baby from the get-go. Of course, being in love with this man, I want nothing more than to believe him. But, being an overthinking female and seeing one too many Maury shows, I had that little second-guessing-doubting mini-me in my head telling me things to make me think he was in all actuality the dad. I think just being who I am or any female at that no matter what proof there may have been that was always that little voice in the back of my head talking never letting me forget.

And then that day came. Here we were barely outta bed that morning, when cmy darling tells me that he had received a message from the possible baby mama the night before. Of course, as my heart was beating out of my freaking chest I said, “OK, well what the heck did she say?” Like don’t just tell me that she sent a message, duh! And let me tell ya, What cracks me up is how two conversate because it’s really a lack of conversation. her text to him said “I got the test results.” I mean am I crazy here but if it would’ve been me in her position I would’ve added a little bit more information to that, like let’s try something like “you need to contact me please” or “I got the results and you’re not The dad.” not just send a message of “Hey, I got the results.”

I'm going to brag about the cuteness of my darling. I mean to some it might not be cute, but I thought it was cute when he asked me what he should say back to her. Maybe you just had to be there lol. So anyways, again let me have a Duh moment here people and I said to ask her what the freaking results were… DUH!!

Thankfully the time and patience Gods were watching over me and it did not take long for her to respond back with the news that we’ve been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to get. Praise the lord hallelujah, just as my darling has said from the very beginning, and also in my best Maury voice he said, “You are NOT the father!”

** Let me just add a little side note here and say, there was more conversation following the “not the father part” but my brain decided not to file that information. It really actually stopped listening after hearing the greatest DNA results ever! Lol. I also want to give an apology to my darling even though I have already, for not believing him from the start. Until he becomes a female and has a mind like mine or any other female he’s just not gonna understand we can’t help it but to think the way we do sometimes LOL. I hope my darling knows that regardless of what the results would’ve been it never would change the love that I have for him and I also am so happy to know that I have an amazing man like him. I have never seen a man be so respectful and nice in a situation like that. My darling from the moment she asked him to take the test to getting the paperwork and even the results or the conversation following, he was nothing but respectful and kind to her. I truly have an amazing man and thankfully no baby mama drama LOL

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I really liked that one babe . I love you so much

Lovey Shivers
Lovey Shivers
Jun 03, 2021
Replying to

Thanks babe.. glad u finally liked one lol

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