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The evilness of the Stepdaughter

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

So it’s been basically two days since I got the most ridiculous rude messages, that were nothing but complete lies from my darling's "oh so lovely" oldest daughter. When I first got them, they were coming so quick and were nothing but short, that I was reading quickly, mainly only picking up on certain parts here and there. Regardless of what I read though, I was mad as the fuck and just in complete disbelief that I was really living in that moment.

Where it came from was totally out of the complete blue. I still don’t know what was said to start it but I do know that the bottom line of it came from the fact that the youngest was pissed off that she couldn’t go to school. She wanted to go to a school that was closed due to bad weather! I had only spoken to my darling about it and pointed out that it’s ridiculous that anybody is feeding into her being mad. I mean come on, she’s going to get over it and it doesn't matter how mad she gets it's not going to change school being canceled. So why entertain that? And for real for real, flat out she does shit like that because they allow her to get away with it and feed into this shit.

That’s all that was said, which again was only said to "my darling." But then, here come messages from the overdramatic delusional pregnant one. So in the little bits that I could quickly comprehend, I got her obvious point of what she’s trying to do. I did respond very briefly, which I had to catch myself a few times to not say things to make things worse between my darling and I. So I left it brief and then I blocked her because I knew this was not going to stop, nor was I going to be able to bite my tongue for long. Most of all I’m not gonna sit and be talked to like that nor deal with it. I wrote my darling and I said "you better get your damn kid" and started sending him all the messages that she had been sending.

Thankfully and, surprisingly I should say, he immediately apologized to me which definitely made me feel slightly better about things because at least he was acknowledging what I felt like and the fact I did not deserve that bullshit.

I had things to do all day and my darling was at work. So we had not seen each other until I got home later in the evening. Do you know there were no words spoken about the situation nor about anything at all, from the time I got home until I went to sleep?

During all this time in our relationship, the one thing that I have figured out about my darling is he will not discuss things, address problems, anything. I, on the other hand, wanna talk about the problems and solutions, the possible outcomes, the future, all worst-case scenarios, feelings, you name it, I wanna talk about it. I truly just want to know what his thoughts are on the problem, what are possible options, and his plan for a solution and I wanna know what the intended outcome is going to be. Getting to that point though, it’s like pulling teeth sometimes.

So here I am now into the second day, the end of the day at that and we have yet to discuss anything. When we got up this morning my darling just acted like nothing happened yesterday. It’s just another day. That’s not how I work though! Of course, I finally say something and he says we can talk about it when he’s not on his way to work which, I was totally fine with. That gives me a day to address what I want to say exactly to him and how I feel about it and possibly give a response to the wicked stepdaughter. And now that he is aware of the fact I want to talk there will be no getting out of this talk. No excuses now.

So now I’ve waited all day. Of course, you know I’ve definitely written her a nice letter of my responses to all of her so-called accusations and lies. The old Lovey would have sent that letter with the quickness. Shit, there would have been multiple letters because I would have been sending so quick, that I would have left out so much that could NOT go unspoken. Needless to say, my letter was very thoro and while I was definitely standing up for myself, I still kept things in a respectable manner even though I am the only one still with any respect.

I know this letter needs to be sent. I mean not only because of the fact someone needs to stand up not just for myself, but for my man too. I know my darling is not going to stand up for himself as he should, and he is without a doubt not able to stand up for me as he should. I understand he's in a bad spot, it's his kids and then just me. But facts are facts and someone just needs to flat out stand up to her.

what the evil one is saying is 110% not true. I will gladly admit, I may have seemed to be hard on the youngest but my God she is 11 and has no respect for adults let alone her father and she is just lazy which is disrespectful. if having manners, respect, and routine in a child's life makes me a bad person, then by God I am a horrible person. But that girl did not ever have to go without. I always wanted the best for her and to have her happy, and we had fun together too. I didn't and don't deserve to get the treatment I get at all.

Getting back on track though, if nobody else is going to defend us or me at least, then I will. So that is why this letter absolutely needs to be sent to her. Yet why am I still sitting here holding this letter? Why am I so unsure about sending it?

I know I am tired of fighting with my darling and I know that the moment I send this letter she is going to do the typical, she’s gonna blow up. she won’t be able to reach me so she’ll go off on her dad. I already know that is what will happen. what’s bothering me is the unknown of how he’s going to feel towards me.

I have already just gone off about the whole situation to him, about what she was saying and how I feel about it. surprisingly, my darling sat there and let me. he didn’t try to stop me, he didn’t try to correct me, I mean he agreed with what I had been saying but it was left at that. he says he’s going to address it but I’m not gonna be there and I know there are so many things I need to address that are not going to be done and he’s not going to enforce the severity of what this means and how wrong she really is. all she’s gonna do is talk shit about me and honestly I mean who’s to say what he’s really gonna say.

so I am pretty sure my minds made up. I’m going to just go ahead and send it because she needs to hear what I have to say. she’ll never hear truly what she needs to hear if I don’t. and honestly, if he gets mad at me for it then that is just going to be the proof that he’s not gonna defend me, he’s not gonna defend himself and he’s never going to put an end to this. she will continue to be a hateful individual and teach her sister how to be a nasty hateful individual.

The real question weighing heavy on me now is with all this drama and hatred, where does this leave my relationship? can a couple survive through hateful, unruly, or disrespectful kids and step kids? Do the kids just stop acting like this? Can a couple survive a relationship where there’s no support for one another? Can someone please tell me, how do I survive through this?

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Sllim Ydnar
Sllim Ydnar
Mar 09, 2021

Nanope, sure can't. If parents/step parents, or siblings/step siblings, can't co-exist, it'll never work. I agree that step parents should not have the right to punish a kid. Unless the parent, isn't present, and the parent and step parent have been together for a quite some time. But their opinion and feelins have to be in unison on how to parent, or it will never ever ever work.

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