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That Crazy Girlfriend

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Many of those who know me will gladly agree that I may be slightly crazy. I may have however stepped my crazy up a notch by being able to say I am now "that crazy girlfriend" who does the craziest things for their boyfriends.

Most couples only buy fancy or extravagant gifts on special occasions, i.e. holidays, and anniversaries. We just celebrated my favorite day, Valentine’s Day, and trust me I spent enough freaking money on my lovely boyfriend. I still keep saying he didn't deserve a damn thing. LOL

Now, I can’t say that. He’s definitely deserving, I just think I just go a little bit too overboard on him. What I did out of the blue for him this time though, yea, this crazy girlfriend went and lost it.

So for Valentine's Day, my love had a big bag filled with clothes, a new watch box with a brand new sexy ass watch inside. This man can never say he goes without! I can never explain the feeling it brings me though to be able to do for him and give him nice things. Or in this case, things he never would expect or think to be able to get to go do.

So I have been wanting to get some time just him and I, away from our everyday lives. I want to get lost in love again. Don't get things twisted, I am madly in love with this man, but I feel like life has been allowing us more stress or exhaustion when it needs to be more love and happiness and celebrating all the things we are doing. Anyways, with that desire, I have been doing a lot of online research and shopping looking for deals for anything we can go do or anywhere we can go away for a night or two. As I was scrolling through I definitely found something to go do, and I found the motherload of all things to go do!

Scrolling online I see this ad for a special that says drive an exotic sports car. Oh, and my baby loves his cars! Especially those on the high-end market such as these. I asked him if he would like to drive a Lambo or a Ferrari on a racetrack and of course, he said yes. I mean that was a given. So I asked him if he'd want three laps or five, and again, of course, his answer is five. I mean duh already knew that. I know you guys already know what happened next.

How could I ever pass up an opportunity like this? I may never get the chance again to be able to say I am that crazy girlfriend who bought their true love a Timeslot at a race track here in Ohio where he gets to drive a Lamborghini for five laps himself. Yes, he gets to drive a Lambo! and of course, I went ahead and paid the extra for the pictures and SD card as well as the insurance coverage. LOL

I wish it was sooner than it is because we have to wait until July. At the same time, I am glad it's not until then because this way it's going to be nice weather when he gets to go do this. Me being me, of course, I am already trying to plan this as a little day date you might say. Fingers crossed that he's not the only one going to have an amazing experience that day. lol

Are there any of you guys who have a girlfriend that has ever got you a time slot to go drive an Exotic car? Without you even asking for something like that? Yeah, I’ll wait... But it’s all good I definitely would have liked a thank you or you know some type of appreciation but that is not what I did it for plus you think I should be used to this by now.

It’s all good though because I’ve given myself all the appreciation needed in fact I am definitely happy and proud to say - I am that girlfriend who will do some crazy ass shit for their man.

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