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** Editor's Note: I read this particular piece on my Best Friends social media page. Something about it just hit me inside and I knew that I had to hang on to this and even share it with others.


Written By: The Scorpio Twin

Shes beautiful but diminishes the beauty with her vulgar behavior.

She's not eye candy but has a way about her that makes her something to see.

She packs a heavy load and has been through it but still shines as if she has been spoiled and sheltered.

She's meaner than a snake but I only see a sprinkled cupcake.

You won't catch her crying but her tears fall like rain.

She makes the pain temporarily go away by ingesting a poison that can devour a soul.

She isn't worth two dead flies but I see a woman that money can't buy.

I don't want her to stay but I won't let her go.

The scar tissue is the result of my life and damn it's hard to get through!

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1 Comment

Sllim Ydnar
Sllim Ydnar
Oct 05, 2021

That is a very good piece. It fr spoke to my soul. There are a few women I've met in my life, who fit different parts of this writing. Their soul is like a drug, I can't get enough of. They say you can only love one person.... That may be so for many, but I've a few that will always hold a place in my heart, all for different reasons. If they're reading this, they know who they are..... But there is only one thusfar, that fits the beginning to the end.... She haunts my nightmares, and shines in my dreams, she will forever be my unreachable queen. Just like the ending says, I don't want her to stay,…

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