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Rough Darn Month

My last blog said that it was a rough week. Well, life decided to throw one at me and show me how wrong I was! Things went on to get more than rough. Maybe I was supposed to say how it just may be a rough freaking month for me! No matter how old I get I will never be able to understand why some things happen the way they do. I mean why can things be going well in my life and then something always has to come to bust it's way in without any warning and make everything either stressful or end up having everything go completely wrong? Compared to the old me, I know I wasn't too caught up in my life to not remember what my old life was about that's for damn sure. So cant tell me it's about remembering where I came from.

I may have had more weak moments lately than I probably have had since, well, probably since I got with my darling. I use to be stupid freaking happy and was always blabbing about how in love, blessed and thankful I found myself to be in life. Don't get it twisted, I am still all of those things. I just have added how there are nowadays where I could strangle a certain someone. As mad as I have seemed to be more lately than ever, I still tell myself every day I am still blessed to have what I have and to be where I am today, especially compared to where my life was last year.

My best friend commented to me tonight that "my cheese has done slid off my cracker." While he was right, he just had no clue how beyond the cracker my cheese had slid! I told him that not only has my cheese slid off my cracker, but my head also was on backward and apparently I talk out my ass because I'm obviously not being heard over this way! Oh and I also expressed how I was as mad as a constipated porcupine trying to crap quills. Have things just pushed me enough that I have officially lost it? Or am I trying to make jokes about my life just so that I don't have a full-on meltdown? Hell at this point, it's all of the freakin above!

I don't even know where to even start with everything anymore. I mean it's just been one big shit show after another it seems like! And I'm not kidding at all! The biggest problem I have and I am nowhere close to being done mentioning, is how my Boujee Brat is STILL sitting like a bag of money out in the middle of a field. There are so many things about that whole situation that I could and will end up covering at some point, and I'd also guess it'll be sooner than later too.

While I have had my poor field baby down and out, her tap-out partner has been a temperamental brat lately too. I may not know the technical terms for everything when it comes to cars, and I may not know all things about what can be wrong and even how to fix things, but I CAN tell you that this girl here ain't some dumb bimbo either. I have always loved growing up in garages and shops and have learned some basics believe it or not. So, the tap-out brat has been running rough and I have been expressing the problem, often. I not only express the problems but I have even expressed the possible cause. But guess what? I'm told I'm wrong by the one person that I shouldn't hear that from all the time. (On a side note to self, I think after this long I need to just accept that no matter what, I am never going to be right or know anything whether I know something or not. Only one person can always be right, especially when it comes to manly categories such as cars. Smh, yeah right!)

So here I was tripping out about my Boujee Brat not getting fixed. I'm not just tripping here just to be tripping. Yes, I want my car. I hate having to wait for anything and hate not being able to drive her. I mean we aren't Boujee for nothing. However, there are other issues as to why I need it going over here. Let's see, has anyone heard me mention that my other car is not running right? It needs some work too. So I want my bag of money back on the road. Oh, and let me tell you my 2 cars are not the only 2 cars with problems going on over here. My darlings car is a ticking time bomb of danger because of the front-end problem that has all too quickly ruined the NEW tires I just purchased a few months ago. Ruined to the point that it was parked and I went and had insurance and tags put on my Saturn just so that my darling could drive it and be safe immediately. So now that my Mustang is sitting in the field I have had to move on to driving my Saturn and my darling is back in his danger trap Saturn. Again let me say this a little louder, I NEED MY MUSTANG! You haven't heard the best one yet though!

So I was driving home today, on I-75 during rush hour and of course cruising with traffic at 70mph while in the center lane of the highway. Yeah, so I was driving home when I suddenly lost ALL power in the car. It was so quick and I was lucky to have been able to safely cut everyone off to get myself and this damn car off the damn highway. Have I mentioned that there was something wrong with the car prior to this happening? Smh, yeah guess I must have been talking to myself.

All of the above is pretty much on point for the reasons why I need my Boujee Brat fixed. I mean those alone, are more than valid reasons as to why there shouldn't have been someone working on the car daily. Instead, I haven't been out to my baby in a few days. It's killing me! Anyways, I managed to pinpoint the more important, at least in my eyes, reason why, but hold tight. I'm not done.

Anyone close to me or that really knows me, knows I really am a hard worker. When I get a job it never fails that I put all of myself and then some into my job. This is part of why I have been fortunate to become a manager at basically every job that I have had. Therefore, getting a job and actually working a job is not something that I have an issue with getting or doing. With that being said I was offered one of my old jobs back. I was asked to come back to work on Monday if I decide on the position. So you know what I’m about to say right? … I need my car! Trying to prepare to get back to work, I can't be starting a job just to be unable to get there because that doesn't look good. I have to have a car that is reliable or maybe even slightly more reliable than what I have been dealing with lately.

And I guess last but not least, I really wanted to go somewhere other than where we stay or the surrounding area, and just enjoy being away. I really was wanting to go away and not have to adult for a day. I really, really, just want to go away with my darling to have some just us time since things haven’t been the easiest because of this whole car fiasco. I want to let him know that regardless of how mad I have been and how hard things have been trying to fix the Boujee brat, none of it is ever enough to take any of my love away. No matter what, he's my always and forever and has my whole heart.

I can rattle on, whine and some may say nag, about all the reasons and of how badly I want my baby fixed. By the time it is FINALLY done, and trust me it'll get done, everyone will be glad to never hear the word Mustang again lol! So with that, let me just apologize now for the hell I have as well as the hell I will put everyone through, during this long, stressful nightmare. And not to sound like a broken record or anything, but I just need my Boujee brat!

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