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Pain by Jamie McQuinn

** Editors Note: I love having friends who have a way with words such as I do here and there. Therefore I would like to share some of their work with you all as well. I want to share the love and if I can help a friend get the amazing feeling I get when I have people from all over the states following my work, then by God I am going to share their work on my blog too! So please enjoy some poems and such from fellow friends. **


By Jamie McQuinn

Pain is, when the one you love

Won't help you rise above.

Pain is, the one you would die for

Slams the door.

Pain is, having a loved one

Look past you like you're no one.

Pain is, feeling like the love of your life

thinks you caused her strife.

Pain is, having the chance to go home

And being too scared to hurt so deeply again.

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