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Ms. Boujee

I know my life is greatly different than it was while growing up, or even than it was when I first came to Middletown. Most people that know me right now and who I socialize with, have probably seen the most change from when I first met them to now.

I definitely didn’t have the best of luck in my life in ways of living since I had come to Middletown. The past so many years of basically being homeless to now for people to see where I am today, you can best believe they are beyond surprised. I thankfully have people who can now express their happiness for me. I also have a few who all say without bluntly saying, how they are upset that I am doing good. And then I have my friends who already pick on me and tease me, love to say I am now Boujee. Lol, I like to thank my darling for his Boujee behavior rubbing off on me. LOL

I have no problem admitting how I have my own characteristics that make me Boujee. I will happily admit it too! My wonderful friends like to make comments that now that I have a Mustang and all the little things that I have done or are in process of doing to it, that I’m really showing how Boujee I am. LOL They all love to remind me how "Ms. Boujee went from riding a 20” bike to driving her own Mustang”

Since I got the mustang I have yet to drive my Saturn that I bought nor have I driven the Saturn that I’ve been driving for the past five months. So every day I take the mustang and then if my darling and I go out he drives my Mustang LOL. You can’t tell which is our favorite car, can you?

Well, Miss Boujee here has had the mustang getting a little cosmetic work and little upgrades here and there. I didn’t have it for about a week since I had to leave it with my buddy who does a lot of the work on it. So that meant I was back out running in the old Saturn again that I drove for all those months.

Yeah I know, I was driving the one that I’d been driving and still yet to drive the one that I bought LOL, smh.

After buying and only driving the mustang, most of you might think I’m too good or too Boujee to drive anything else. Well contrary to one’s belief, I am not too bougie to drive either Saturn or anything else. I actually really did miss driving the Saturn for real.

While I love driving my standard, I did enjoy getting to drive an automatic for a little bit. However, I did not miss the fact that the sway bar is bad in the Saturn which means there’s definitely a lot of play in the steering. Trying to keep control of your driving with an issue like that can wear your ass out! I may like my fast and nasty toys but I sure like an all dependable drive itself any day. Oh yeah and one other thing I definitely missed being able to blog while I drive. It’s actually quiet in the Saturn and my baby is too damn loud to even hear yourself think! LOL, so there’s definitely no working and driving at the same time there. For all my blog readers out there, please be patient y’all. Lol

But yea, so I guess there may be reasons other than my car that cause my loving friends to call me Boujee. I may or may not have a shoe problem now since I have started trying to own about every Nike Max ’90s that I can find. I may or may not only carry a Michael Kors purse now and may even own a few different colors and styles. And in my purse, you might even find a microwaveable notebook for my blog ideas and a mini printer to print pictures while out and about on the daily go. That doesn’t sound too Boujee now, does it?

My handsome man, who’s been the first to carry the Boujee nickname, may have rubbed his Boujee ways off onto me. That’s all fine and dandy. I think he’s taught me well lol and he gladly takes credit for my becoming Ms. Boujee too.

I see no problem in his doings or in my new desires. The way I see things, I am just replacing all the many many things that I have lost and or had stolen during my years basically living on my own and while living on the streets. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. Trust and believe I am also going to keep working extremely hard to continue accomplishing the many goals and dreams I have for my life too. I may like to have really nice things in my life, some more pricey than others. I may have more of a particular item than I probably need at this time. I just can't help that I am a girl who likes to shop and also likes her gifts.

Call me crazy or call me Boujee, call me whatever you would like, but be sure to call me happy and blessed as well. No matter how caught up I might get with everything in my life, or how crowded things may seem around me, trust me when I say I still haven't forgotten what life I just came from. I remember how low times were for me and how there were days when I didn't even have food to eat. When someone says I'm Boujee, don't worry, I don't take it as an insult. I take it as a reminder of how thankful and blessed I am for where I am today and for never giving up.

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