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Love Notes

I would like to do a poll, so please anybody who does read this, please comment and let me know. Has anybody had whomever you’re with or have been with, leave you little love notes and surprises throughout your relationship? Or is that something that you have done or do currently in your relationship? In the past, I have been left little notes occasionally here and there. There was one time I opened up a box of pasta to make for dinner to find a note. Another time I opened my tampon box and there was one in there! Now my opinion if someone is taking the time out to do little things like that, they have to be interested in you. Hell if they’re getting in our tampon boxes and leaving a note, you know they have to love you! Especially to be out of their comfort zone having to handle our feminine products. LOL Now in my current relationship, I love to leave the little notes anywhere and everywhere. I’ve left them in different spots- in his car, in his shoes, and even his hats. At one point he had one in his hat and didn't know for weeks. He finally found it because something wasn’t comfortable and he finally felt it. LOL But that’s what I want. I don’t want him to easily find some note. I want him to find them at a random time, at a random place, unexpecting. Then at that moment, I am hoping he starts thinking like “awe, she loves me and really cares about me.” Does anybody know what I mean? Now I have to ask if you are the one finding little love notes, what did you do when you found them? Did you call or go straight to your significant other? Do you tell them thank you, give them love, or whatever sign of affection that you feel from their note? I know years back I’d kinda chuckled when I found them. I’d say, “thanks, that’s sweet.” But I would have to say it's kind of one of those - in the moment situations - that you can’t really say what you’d do until in that moment. Because who knows what’s going on at that time, where your relationship might be at that time, or how it truly made you feel. Now, let's flip that question around. If you are the one leaving the notes, what are you expecting or even hoping for as the reaction from your significant other? I mean I’m not expecting to be praised for everything that I do but there’s got to be at some point where you get some type of acknowledgment and gratification. Otherwise, it just feels like it doesn’t even matter. I am leaving these notes any time I find what I feel to be the perfect opportunity. Sometimes it’s after I borrow his car. I might leave him a note for when he goes to work the next morning. I want him to see how much he means to me and to know how much I appreciate him. Hoping my little notes help him start the day off with a smile and in a good mood. But when I’m doing these little surprises here and there, I’m always waiting to hear something from him about it. But I get no reaction at all, not even just a simple, “thanks babe for the note.” I feel like I am only wasting my ink n time and that he really doesn’t even care about this. And then I wonder if he doesn’t care about this because he’s not a mushy or feelings type of guy? Or, does he just not feel the same about me in return? Does he not love me? I’ve said it in other blogs and I’ll probably say it a million times more - I am my own worst critic. I also have low self-esteem, regardless of how I may act and look. I am constantly wondering whether or not someone cares about me. I definitely seem to find myself questioning my placement in relationships or, hell, life in general. So to not hear any thanks said or even have anything left for me, it’s a hard pill to swallow. My feelings are definitely hurt and very easily. What do I do? What should I think or maybe say? Do I keep doing what I do because that’s who I am and how I love? Hopefully, there's something I can do to let my love know how I feel. Bottling things up is never a good idea to do in a relationship. And NO matter what I am not going to stop caring the way I care. And I will never stop loving how hard I love. Those are two things you will never be able to change about me.

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