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Just use the Microwave!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hey everyone! Okay, so I really hope that I have many to share this news with! I am about to tell you about the coolest thing I have found and purchased in such a long time!!

First off I need to start by telling you all a little pointless fact about myself. I love, I mean I LOVE notebooks and journals. I cannot even tell you how many I have around me right now, not even counting the ones that I have packed in storage. It is a great "problem" for someone like me to have! Oh, just something else for anyone who may come in contact with me to know, I have this, I don't know what you would call it, a slight irritation maybe, that I will die if anyone ever takes a page from one of my books. Call it OCD, a little excessive, or even just plain stupid but I have a different notebook for everything, including special ones that you can take pages from. (smh) I know, I'm sorry…

So now that we have that out of the way, I can tell you about the best thing ever for a notebook lovin, writer like myself. I don't know how I came across this cool invention but I am just excited I did!

Has anyone ever heard of RocketBook Wave? I would have to revisit the company website to really be able to tell you all the facts and different products that are out there by this company. But this particular one that I found and purchased is the Rocketbook Wave Notebook. It is an 80-page notebook that you write in with a Pilot FriXion Pen. So what makes this notebook so cool? Well, I hope you're sitting down for this! This is a MICROWAVABLE notebook!! Wait, what? Microwave it? Why would you microwave a notebook? Well because it erases the pages and you can REUSE the notebook!!

Listen, I promise I am not losing it, and you can go back and reread that last section again because trust me, I definitely had to reread the description when I found it. But seriously, this is a pretty cool little notebook. Another important ability you have with this is you can use your QR scanner and scan whatever page you want to save and upload it to your iCloud or wherever you choose to save it on your computer. I am always taking screenshots or pictures of information that I want to remember, but now I can just write it in my notebook and upload it for proper storage and safekeeping! And can you imagine all the trees that we could save if these were used by everyone!?

So once you have filled your pages and uploaded what you want to be saved, you just put the notebook in the microwave and sit a coffee cup of water on the notebook, and hit start on the microwave. Then once it's done, you flip the notebook over and repeat. Once finished you are back to filling up the same notebook once again! I just think it is too cool. Maybe I am just a nerd but that's just fine because it makes me happy and that's all that matters here. Lol.

Oh, one more thing, one might think that something like this may be costly, but to my surprise, it was cheaper than I would have ever thought. The particular one that I purchased, I found on and it was only $30.00. Yup, $30 bucks! I totally think everyone should go check these out, and then let me know what you all think.

Happy Writing!!!

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