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I'd be lying if...

It was supposed to be a happy day. We were supposed to be celebrating our 6 months together and all that we have achieved during this time. Suppose to be so many things, so just exactly what happened?

Instead of my usual ways of writing, I’m going to try a new twist on this one. Let’s see if I can even do this short and sweet.

Here are the pros of my overall day:

  • Finished all of our laundry FINALLY

  • Got my paper notarized

  • Got down payment ready

  • Was lost in lust watching my darling work on the car (that’s like the biggest turn on for me)

  • Did get to enjoy the best waffles from our favorite place - waffle house

Here are the cons of the day:

  • Didn’t get to go to all the places I needed to go to

  • Car overheated multiple times

  • Didn’t make it to the parts store

  • Didn’t make it to get a money order

  • Obviously didn’t make it to the blue mailbox

  • Didn’t get to go out at the time frame planned

  • Didn’t get to go out to a dinner like planned to somewhere other than usual spots

  • Didn’t get to do our Adventure Date like I bought and wanted to do for our 6 months

  • Didn’t get any pictures with my darling

Obviously, I’d be lying if I said I had a great day. It was far from what I wanted our 6 months to be like. In the mix of everything going wrong and of fighting back of the emotional breakdown, all I could think was how I must have jinxed myself. It never fails that when things are going good, something has to go wrong to remind me not to get too happy or comfortable in my life.

Right now with the paperwork and down payment being complete, I am so close to having this major setback taken care of. After many years this will no longer be holding me back in life. My fear of something happening to keep that from happening is so massive it’s not funny. Of course, with thinking I’d jinxed myself, all I could think about was how my luck would be that the down payment almost emptied my piggy bank, therefore it'd make total sense that something would go wrong that would cost me money I didn’t have.

Now that I have survived the whole day, I am so glad to say I managed to get through the night without a meltdown. At the time I thought everything was going wrong and the whole day was ruined, but I can see now how that was not exactly true.

While I was on verge of a meltdown, my amazing darling looked at me and calmingly said it was all going to be okay. And he was right. I may not have got to do everything I wanted when or how I wanted, but everything that was meant to happen did happen. I firmly believe, everything happens for a reason. And at the end of the day, sure I didn’t get to go somewhere different but I did get to enjoy some quality time at our favorite restaurant with the man I am spending my life with. We don't need to celebrate some date of when we got together (unless it is an important milestone lol). I'd rather celebrate every day together because I can't imagine any day in this life without the love of my life.

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