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Glass Half Full

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Good, Golly Miss Molly!

I am just going to sit here and say that I am very proud of myself for who I am becoming. I don't wanna say that I'm going to sit here tooting my own horn or anything drastic, but I am going to pat myself on the back at least. I used to look at things with the worst-case scenario, always in a negative way before I would even try to see any positivity in things. In my mind, I figured it was easier to expect something bad and prepare myself rather than getting my hopes up, just to be let down and hurt because it didn't go as I hoped.

These days I have been trying to make sure to look at things with a better outlook. It's about looking at the glass half full rather than half empty. Heck, I'm even trying to get others who may be bummed or facing something not so great, to try to look at their own glass half full. Negative Nancy's eviction has been served!

With that, let me just pass along this very large glass that's half full today, and let me tell you why. I have been working on this new Lovey and my happy, healthy life. I am without a doubt blessed and have been happier than I have been in a very, very, long time. I seem to be doing okay with the healthy part too, just look at the weight I've gained! (shaking my head, laughing out loud). I have also been doing my damn thang, with this thing called, "adulting." I am no master in this, but comparing my life now to where I was for a while, well, I may be close to experienced. Lol.

Okay seriously though, I am very proud of myself. I have never been one to save money. I have always been one to spend money. (Yet, what girl isn't?) I want to tell myself that my love has a role in this new ability in ol Lovey here. My love may be known as Mr. Boujee, for his particular taste in things that can cost, but he does have some control and sense when it comes to spending. Which I want to think, has influenced me to be more aware and even logical in my ways. Don't get it twisted, I can get down with the shopping though. I also may or may not be in the running for the title Ms. Boujee lol.

Either way, I am just wanting to share my proud moment with everyone. I got my "Adulting'' on today, and even though I am slightly nauseous from it, I am also proud. I went to the tire shop today and once again bought another set of new tires. I was already proud that I was able to put a set of tires on the Saturn a few months ago, but now I am excited to say I have also been able to go buy new tires for my Mustang. I have been out there driving on 2 different size tires for one, but I also had bald tires which doesn't make it very safe to drive, especially in the rain. So knowing I am going to have a better driving car on the road is such a sense of relief. Heck knowing I was able to buy 4 new tires for 2 different cars, in 1 year, for the first time in my life, damn that is an amazing ass feeling though!

Oh, and I guess I should just let you know what else I did since you will obviously find out as soon as you see the car. That Ms. Boujee title I am in the running for, well how many points does it earn me for the title, forgoing all out at the tire store? I mean I had to have new tires, that is a fact. So of course you know, I couldn't get 4 new tires without getting 4 new rims for them to go on!? I mean who could ever just get new tires? LOL!!

So, yeah, I went and did the damn thang at the tire shop. I may have drained my savings more than I planned, however, here's that cup half full outlook I am spreading to everyone. I am taking today with my head high. I know I needed tires and I am going to look at today as an investment. As well as the fact, I have come so far, and I bust my ass in everything I do. I know I am not risking my shelter, I know I will not be going hungry, and I know that I am not going to be hurting. Therefore I deserve to do something not just needed but also wanted. Now my piggy bank, on the other hand, it's a little hungry, therefore I'm getting outta here! There is a Mustang that needs to be picked up right now and it's calling my name!!!

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