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So it's been awhile since I actually got on here and got out everything that I had going on. I've definitely started plenty of blogs but I never seem to finish anything. I don't know why, but I think I need to make a day to get out everything I have going on inside this head and heart of mine. I will just give y'all the gist of some things real quick.

Good Lord, I hope you guys are all ready for this.

I'll start with the biggest news first; I had the love of my life propose to me. I was given the most beautiful diamond ring. I still find myself surprised when I think about things. I have always watched those wedding shows, and of course, I'm the sappy one crying watching and wondering just how those women actually felt. I would think that they were just feeding the cameras and there's no way they were that emotional. Yea, I was wrong and I can totally understand some of what they felt. I say that because I was the one who would start crying every time I tried to surprise and tell one of my girlfriends the exciting news.

Then my youngest daughter whom I haven't had in my life for over the last 8 years, reached out to me and is now living with her mommy again. I can't begin to tell you the pain and hurt I have gone through for so many years. I can't begin to explain the stress and drama that I have been through for so many years. I went to hell and back more than once. All I wanted was to have my kids in my life and for the past to be the past and the pain and drama to stop. After so many years I had really begun to believe that I wasn't going to have my babies home. So to have my baby girl call needing her mom and to now be here under my roof again, words cannot express the feelings that I have because it's literally a dream come true.

Moving on, my little family and I finally found a place. Thank the lord, we finally got out of that hotel after almost a year of being there! Don't get me wrong I was thankful to have had a roof over my head even if it was just a hotel. Especially after that lack of one that I have had the past couple years. Being there gave me the opportunity to prepare for having a place as well. Upon moving in, from what little bit my darling had in storage and with everything I had put into that storage, as well as all that I had somehow crammed into that little hotel room, I have managed to furnish our 2 bedroom apartment. Well I guess I need to say I have over furnished because it's overly full here now too! Lol, I know, I know, it doesn't matter though because I fought hard to get here today and I am beyond blessed.

I have been extra lucky, and spoiled by my darling who took me to quite a few amazing concerts. Anyone who knows me knows I am a country girl at heart. There is no better concert than a country concert for someone like me to go to. We have seen Jason Aldean which was freaking great! Then we went to Brad Paisley and that night was just beautiful. And then probably my favorite of all that I have been too, was getting to see Travis Tritt as well as Brooks and Dunn. I grew up listening to those guys since I was a little girl, riding my bike in the fields doggin cow patties! Lol, I told ya I'm a country girl. That concert though was absolutely amazing! Now I wont leave out that we also went to Dead & Company. Definitely was a night to remember! But I am so blessed and grateful to have these memories to look back on.

I bet nobody was really expecting all of that to come from me. You all may be sitting there thinking how great things sound for me. I have come so far, so much has come into my life, and I am beyond blessed for how far I have come.

So how do I remind myself of all this good and keep from falling apart? How can I get back to being so happy and on top of the world?

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