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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I've always been one to put so much faith and trust into anyone and everyone. I always want to believe the best in everyone, even when all the signs clearly state the obvious.

Nobody ever gets hurt more than I do in the end either. But time and time again, I continue to try.

While talking to Kendra one day, we realized how we are so alike. Just like me, she does the most for anyone. All we get are the bad end of the deals.

We started talking about how do you finally decide enough is enough? Not each and every person can be bad, can they? There still have to be some honest caring people out there right?

We can't just not help someone. We have to try to believe that the next time isn't going to be the same. That next person could really be a different story. If we don't help them what if we miss out on that one true person.

We have to have faith in that one true person...

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