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I am just dumbfounded and it absolutely blows my mind to see the differences in how two people treat one another in a relationship. I openly admit I wear my heart on my sleeve. I also do everything and anything for someone. I love hard and let’s not overlook how I am constantly wanting to do for someone, especially the one I am in a relationship with. Every time I go out, I am thinking of them the whole time. It’s always what would they like or what do they need? I do for them well before I ever think of myself. It’s not important that I may want this or that, because I want my baby, kid, or even friend happy, therefore, I can wait.

So check it, I don’t expect someone to be exactly like me. Nor do I expect to have a partner the same as I am. I mean, you know the saying “one of a kind?” I am not being full of myself here or a smart ass, but I’m definitely one of a kind! But I expect apparently something completely different than what reality is or maybe just what I have. I don’t know, can somebody explain to me what you expect and what kind of treatment you do get in a relationship? I’m dumbfounded and completely baffled by how I look for some type of I guess care and concern from my spouse as I would them.

For example, let’s say you work outside. It’s freezing cold and you don’t have any coveralls. You best believe I’m gonna make sure my baby is warm and go out and buy some warm coveralls for my hard worker. Regardless of what I have going on and may or may not need or even regardless of the fact, they can go do this for themselves, I still go and do this because they don’t need to be out there cold and miserable. It may not have been for work but I have been on the streets freezing. So I know what it’s like so I’ll be damned if anybody needs to feel like that. Do you know what I mean?

Or let’s say you’re somewhere and something with your car won’t work. Maybe you can’t get your car going. Or how about you have no windshield wiper and it’s pouring down rain. If this happens you best believe I’m gonna make sure you're safe and that you’re going to get home safe as well. I’m not just gonna take off and leave you or tell you “you better get home” when this happens. I’m going to think of an idea of what I can do to try to fix it.

What makes it hurt more is how I’m hearing things like this or that on what to do to manage through the problem from other people. Not one option, suggestion, offer - nothing from the one I’m in love with.

Like it just totally dumbfounded me how much somebody can just not care about me. Especially by the one, I do so much for and love so much.

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