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A Basket of Nerves!

Good golly, I am a basket of nerves right now!!! Here I am waiting to get this huge looming dark cloud finally off my back. You would think I would be completely excited but I am actually so nervous that I’m sick to my stomach. Of course right.

Two weeks ago I sent in my payment and legal paperwork to finally take care of this judgment against me that was all because I trusted the wrong people. The story however is not important anymore and I’ve accepted things as they are. All that matters now is that I am making this all a thing of the past.

I probably called everyday last week a couple times a day trying to get a hold of anyone who could tell me if my paperwork and payment was received. I was so afraid that with my luck, all that money and paperwork would somehow be lost in the mail. When I finally reached someone and was told my copy would be sent out in the next day or so, I think I started watching the mail that day! I was finally so close to being legal again that I could taste the legal-ness! Lol

After a long week waiting for this mail, I finally got my paperwork last night. Oh my, shits about to get real!

So now here I stand, at the bureau of motor vehicles waiting to fax my copy’s to Columbus. The fact that I am standing here right now is such a relief because it means I have a very high chance of closing a chapter to this mess. I can’t completely say that this mess is 100% part of my past until I pay off this judgment but the fact I have completed all the requirements to be legal, on my own, this is a huge accomplishment and blessing in my opinion.

Me being the Lovey that I am, of course I am waiting for some bump in the road to keep this from happening for me today. As I stand here, as I mentioned before, I’m waiting to fax these papers to Columbus. I then have to wait a half hour, the wait for the final say of whether or not the State of Ohio feels I should be legal or not.

I am going to speak about good things coming to me today! I am going to remind myself of all the milestones and bumps in the road that I have achieved in such a short time at that. Most of all I’m going to remind myself of my favorite saying… everything happens for a reason. If something happens that I may not like, it will still be okay because the bottom line is, I have done everything required and this is going to happen for an absolute fact! It just may take a little more time than what my impatient ass wants.

So I am going to leave things at that and continue to stand here, impatiently rocking back and forth, waiting for my number to be called. Keep your fingers crossed and send some prayers my way.

I’ll be back shortly, hopefully, to give you the final update!

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